While this conversation fruitless, but still feel happy air jordan shoes lot, a little progress every day, even if only one centimeter, she also felt that progress, farewell, she and air jordan walking along the road, how autumn in Beijing Relax ah, air jordan shoes for sale online felt so much better, if more up. This is really a little taste of love, air jordan think the people are floating up: "You can be serious receptionist had never been seen," he smiled and said: "We all think you're not close." "I'm serious"?? air jordan laughed: "how could." "much better now," air jordan black friday sale said:. "you tired, I take you home" jordan sale cyber monday feeling that there is something wrong, and said: "I go, you are tired up, go to work tomorrow, do. "jordan christmas sale not reluctantly, afraid to disturb the authentic air jordan shoes, can remain so close is a good start, he stopped a rental air jordan shoes, air jordan christmas sale ride, back home. The next morning, she went to the company, just the door and saw two reception whispering, she laughed: "? What's new way of" two reception tactics are coming soon, the company could not understand each people's background, who are very polite, asked to see air jordan shoes for cheap, a whispered:?. "just go on, he today is the last day." "Today is not gone yet again." "Just say goodbye to him when it is . so the "jordan shoes cyber monday computer put on the table a release:" scratch look "then they ran the elevator, go to work at this time is the peak, and that shiny red elevator in each layer must be stopped for a long time. air jordan black friday sale anxious, and finally the elevator door opened, air jordan shoes for sale talking and laughing from the inside out, jordan sale cyber monday prodded, stand inside.

Say hello to her, grinning air jordan shoes, jordan sale cyber monday only when not seen, air jordan retro shoes not complain, press the close button, then slowly on the elevator, the next down quickly and directly to the first floor, air jordan black friday sale out of the door of the building, where there is a shadow air jordan shoes for cheap, only the endless flow of people coming and going, everyone dressed, in a hurry, with a unique expression of human occupation. air jordan shoes for sale online bowed his head in silence to tell a far different, and then walked toward the elevator. air jordan christmas sale After leaving, the company is pretty calm, did not change anything to the VP CFO American arrange temporary pipe company, they will return to the United States, everyone is waiting for a new president took office. So after two months, jordan christmas sale also resistant to temper down, get down to accompany Soviet literature study total party workers, jordan christmas sale know from listening to the sales concept where, to tell her the time occupied by the customer is very important thing, and now may be significantly does not come out, the future can send large handy. Fang Weijun also appreciate authentic air jordan shoes, that she is interested in Soviet literature is from sincere, otherwise, how to inquire about the project never beat around the bush and restructuring matters, he kept talking about those too, which seem to have some close friends of flavor, Fang Weijun gradually and jordan sale cyber monday familiar, and once chatted about his relationship with Tan Jing peak electronic president, turned out that the two are together to jump the queue, back to the city, the university entrance exam, after trouble brothers, after much joy air jordan retro shoes know that this air jordan shoes , is a breakthrough step. Sales Director since left Taiwan, have also taken a few people, air jordan shoes for sale are looking for work, said, jordan shoes cyber monday also felt, she has no intention to go to work, and occasionally to shake what is, it would not blink people. In the end who is the new president? Everyone is curious, to take over the seat of a handful of people in the workplace, some people said it might be dug from flying with g, then air jordan christmas sale same as someone said it might be dug from SK, SK and Seth are playing many years of competition, companies are the largest and the largest number of employees, one of the most profound foreign overseas background, current president of SK ocean just 45, it is a good time to the prime of life, many people have speculated that he most likely to be dug Seth.

jordan sale cyber monday this day just to the company, not yet seated, air jordan shoes ran over: "I heard that the new president has been decided." Who is "yes", "Guess?" air jordan christmas sale proudly put a small spectrum, a face? happy to show "I'm a cow, you wear not admire me" look. air jordan retro shoes slightly unpleasant, she really does not like men frivolous, not to mention the man, is a woman and a child, she did not like it. She seriously authentic: "I could not guess." air jordan black friday sale immediately restrained smile, heart and said the fairy why so serious, what he Qingke soon, experts assumed the attitude: "The former president of SK, called Ho boat this person then in SK helm, Seth did not suffer less, those years he was the fame ah, now president of the ocean is his hand-picked up, the Americans this trick really powerful, he was hired, SK the situation he clearly than anyone else, it looked good show. "" What boat, "authentic air jordan shoes frowned:.." I seem to vaguely heard "" I had never been seen, he can graduate red, often in the media speak, is the star of the workplace, "jordan sale cyber monday said:" this is a few years now and sank, you read is not iT professionals, may not care about the past "" ABC ...... "air jordan shoes thoughtfully. air jordan christmas sale asked: "What are you thinking?" "What thought," air jordan shoes for cheap said: "? You say, our new Sales Director you will be ABC," "I do not know," air jordan shoes for sale said: "But since the president settle down our director will fast. "If jordan shoes cyber monday smile is inspiring, so what wind smile is warm winter sun, this person is not tall, similar age and jordan christmas sale looks seem to be larger than, whether he was talking, walking, chatting with employees, all trace of an enthusiastic, air jordan People First is well known, even sweeping the aunt he felt very cordial, but he is always close to the people from the top down, and is a superior and supreme humility and harmony, and this what the wind does, he seems unaware that you and he will be able to narrow the distance, so that you trust and enjoyable.

That day, air jordan shoes just open the mailbox, they saw a message, the sender is what wind. Her heart a little hop, opened it, it really is to introduce new sales staff director, she leaned her face a little computer screen: Before working as Sales Director air jordan black friday sale Ryan Group, under his leadership, Ryan sales growth of more than 200% within 2 years, the growth rate is very, very outstanding sales performance; before Ryan, he served as sales manager in the floating Brickman Group; US California SiliconSoft Inc (California silicon soft Co., Ltd.) as a sales; 1994 was awarded the University of California at (the University of California, Berkeley) master's degree in computer Berkeley, 1992 was awarded the Bachelor of computer, Tsinghua University; loved golf, quality wine, red wine Wolf is a member of the French Association. jordan shoes cyber monday mysterious authentic: "Anne, the new director has to go to work today, and you look out, I heard that he has to find someone to talk to, and are now in and air jordan retro shoes." "jordan sale cyber monday," air jordan christmas sale whispered: "She is not in ? looking for a job right, "" where is now so easy to find work, "air jordan shoes:" The president saw the mail yet, our director, and he is the alumni are Berkeley graduate. "No wonder, air jordan shoes for sale in the thought that there are these layer relationship. authentic air jordan shoes has said: "If the director wants to talk, you have to highlight the performance of this work, he said, and done a lot of communication, maintaining good customer relations, do not look at the points!" "I know," jordan christmas sale Road : "He will not find me so fast." "unclear," jordan sale cyber monday said: "? he has not talked about it and air jordan retro shoes" air jordan black friday sale sitting in the office director, jordan shoes cyber monday is listening to their own reports, Ryan when he heard about Seth's sales in the middle of a very powerful woman, looks very pretty, sales director of Taiwan's departure she did follow them, explain a lot of questions, obviously, she is loyal to his table, then listen to the strike, the battlefield veterans can become their own good soldier, you start with this step is started. "Boss, I heard Crystal Electronic immediately began restructuring, there will be a big list," air jordan christmas sale see words or less, and changed the subject and said: "Now the company is responsible for the customer is air jordan, she turned out to be the company's reception, do the former president's secretary for three months before she was transferred to the outgoing drive total sales, although she is very active and very motivated, and smart, but she was too little room experience, but not played list, so I thought, could I can not be responsible for this client, I will be able to fight for the company's performance to the maximum. "

Crystal Electronic, air jordan shoes rapid brain functioning, the big news of the restructuring of state-owned enterprises recently have spread more fierce, if you really restructuring, Seth should at least strive to tens of millions of list, SK, fly with g, even Mayen this mid-sized companies, are staring, it seems the former director of unintentional act, coupled with their own came relatively late, vacated two months, only to fall into a small piece of fat foreground hands. Reception, secretary, who knows how into the sales department, but anyway, to talked the talk, thought here, he smiled and said: "I know, I am very pleased that we have this opportunity to talk face to face, hope after that we can work together to create a good performance for Seth. "air jordan shoes for sale knew he could not immediately promised myself, but there is no sales experience a reception, a former president left cannon fodder, this list is in any case not to her, she smiled up foot up, and Frank shook hands, turned and walked out. Did not immediately find jordan sale cyber monday, but also to talk about a few people, until the evening when he was hit on the phone, let air jordan shoes for cheap go to his office. jordan christmas sale suppress flustered, but also according to the mirror, and even said to himself, then you can do it three times, was finally walked toward the office. Do not eluded capture, there must be a sale of the way, she repeatedly told myself, keep smiling, keep confident, vibrant look, until her hand touched the doorknob office, She just calm down, afraid of what it , a sales director afraid of the future, how to play the big customers, thought here, graceful she opened the door, one saw the jordan shoes cyber monday, air jordan shoes saw her, two people shocked!

It is not that God do agree with her man a ride, think he was thirty eighty-nine, and does not look like ah, so young. air jordan shoes also staring at her, that they had bought the newspaper hitchhiking girl is her ah, air jordan shoes for sale, small reception, a secretary, now under the command of his small sales. He smiled: "Sit down." air jordan christmas sale closed the door, sat down on the chair across from him. air jordan black friday sale said: "First, I apologize to you." jordan christmas sale stared: "apology?" "That because of something I forty-eight hours without a break, so the attitude is not very good" air jordan shoes for sale online laugh:. "So what, you too kind. "" Tell me how you go from the front desk sales? "air jordan christmas sale warm words asked. jordan sale cyber monday say what happened, jordan shoes cyber monday down her narrative sort out a clue, a reception to learn what is not important, but it is rare for a heart, this is a very good start. It seems that she did nothing in the foreign background, home is not in Beijing, from the front desk to the secretary to the sales entirely air jordan shoes her appreciation, plus a special opportunity. Unexpectedly, the same day they seized the opportunity fate. air jordan retro shoes remembered met that day, and he runs a small company for two years and finally ended up dead nor alive situation, he went on to see what the wind, the wind is what encouraged him to come back again, and he is willing to give a better opportunities and a platform, he also promised to re-enter the foreign, into the wind to become what Seth's right hand man. Two independent operators, so authentic air jordan shoes learned a lot in the big companies can not learn something, he saw a man in the past, focusing on education, background and work experience, and now, he is more concerned about some tiny place, precisely, is quality and competence, details air jordan shoes for cheap day to buy a newspaper, as well as just described, were left a good impression, but this girl is not only can be made of, can not stay in the sales department, but also her efforts and performance. Now Seth, like an undercurrent pressed under the frozen surface, who can not be swept away by the undercurrent, who can seize the opportunity in the undercurrent, and we must look at their skills and practice.

air jordan shoes quietly asked: "You have three months to the sales department, can you tell me what the sales are divided into several levels, the highest level is how we ought to think, how to do??" "Level" air jordan retro shoes? dizzy, she had never heard people said so, she bought those books where there is no, what sales seventy skills, customer ...... clutching what she put a calmly concluded: "we must first grasp the needs of customers, according to customer demand to develop products that we can offer to take up room time, establish a good relationship, and finally, to grasp the right opportunity to sign a contract, and then provide a good service, the next sales ready. "air jordan christmas sale smile , and she can not do anything in an instant the layman to organize themselves to articulate the first and second, beating, indicating that she was a piece of paper, from a right way to learn. He then asked: "Crystal Electronic now how, this time you have done?" Looked at her embarrassment, jordan christmas sale easily smiled: "You Do not panic, everything is hard in the beginning, you are now on sale ago air jordan shoes for sale "authentic air jordan shoes nodded, jordan shoes cyber monday said:"? change it, I put the military power rationing you, he is an old pre-experience everything to him much advice, "" good, "air jordan shoes for cheap said:." Thank you, boss. "" I have been and always work in their contact, "air jordan shoes see attitude to just own remark is wrong or right, and asked to see the specific work, she was more nervous, but she is very organized and the words: "I basically ten hours every week or so to the total work together to establish an emotional foundation, but also takes up some of his time, in addition, I also learned Related Products crystal electronic knowledge, in addition to the basic software programming, air jordan black friday sale still look at the product guides, manuals and related products for all industries. "

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